Why Mountain States Insurance Group?

Bridger Mountains, Montana

Why Mountain States Insurance Group?

In the Rocky Mountain West and Great Plains states, your word is your promise. Main Street still matters.
And community counts for a great deal.

We live by the same credo. That’s what makes Mountain States Insurance Group (MSIG) such a solid insurance provider for our customers in this region. We know their names, support their businesses, and want to see them succeed. We offer the insurance protection they need at a fair price. And our customers know we stand behind them, ready to answer their call – in person -- every time.

Our dedicated, personal service is our hallmark, but there are many more reasons to choose MSIG:

  • We offer a full range of commercial insurance products for small and large companies
  • Our network of experienced independent agents is unparalleled
  • We provide a full range of extra resources to make your business safer and more effective
  • We live in and support the same communities as our policyholders